Reaching Muslims for Christ was started to do just that; Reach Muslims For Christ. As you browse through this site, our prayer is that your heart will be burdened to have some part in sharing the glorious Gospel message, not only with Muslims, but with anyone who does not have a relationship with the Lord. I would love the opportunity to present our ministry to you or your church so please contact us. May God bless you!

Church Planting

Over the years God has blessed RMC Ministry by allowing us to help start churches in Iraq, Syria and Jordan. Many of these churches are underground because of the persecution they face by their government or from Muslims. These churches are thriving today and we continue to support them financially and through Biblical training. You too can have a part in supporting these churches.

Bible Distribution

By God's grace, the door in Iraq remains open. There is still an incredible opportunity to distribute Bibles in Iraq and the Middle East. The strategy that began five years ago to get God's Word directly into the hands of Iraqi people has already impacted hundreds with the Good News of Jesus Christ.... continue reading

Children's Ministry

Through children a nation can be changed in only a few generations so reaching children in the Middle East is of great importance to RMC Ministry. God's Word will change their lives and in turn change their nations. We have seen this begin already and we are excited to see this work continue.

Ladies Ministry

God has allowed us to reach thousands of Muslim women with the Gospel. Each year we have a Women's Conference in Jordan where hundreds of Muslim women receive Christ as their Savior and receive the support they need to grow in their faith in an oppressive society. God is using these women to reach their own children, friends, and other family members with His wonderful message of forgiveness and salvation. We know God is using this part of the ministry so please pray that it will continue to prosper.

  • 1.3 billion Muslims in the world.
  • Ratio of Christian workers to Muslims is less than 1 for every million Muslims.
  • Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.
  • The Gospel is preached the least in the 10/40 window of the world, though the Gospel originated from this area.
  • Only 1 of every million Muslims have heard the Gospel, recevied a Bible, or understood the true of the Jesus from the Bible.
  • Now large numbers of Muslims are becoming Christians, because of the liberation of Iraq & the Arab Spring, & the growth of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.